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Savina Khullar


The first thing you’ll notice about Realtor Savina Khullar is her upbeat, positive personality. If you’re going to spend many hours touring homes, she’s the type of person with whom you’ll enjoy spending that time. If you’re selling your home, she’ll make the process extremely pleasant.

Once you get to know her better,you’ll discover some of the other reasons why Savina makes such an ideal real estate agent. Savina is an excellent listener. She’s an extremely patient “people person” who is genuinely happy to give you the time and attention you deserve. And as a Reiki Master,Savina is very aware ofthe energy of people and environments. Which means that when she’s helping you look for your dream home or choose a prospective buyer for your home, she can bring another dimension of insight to the evaluation process.

Finally, when it’s time to open escrow you’ll see that when it comes to the seemingly endless parade ofdocuments necessary to complete a real estate transaction, Savina’s attention to detail—honed in her previous career as an accounting professional—is truly second to none.

Today Savina is proud to be part of a well-regarded group at Keller Williams Realty, where she is backed by an experienced team of real estate experts and prepared to help home buyers, sellers and investors successfully meet their goals.